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New Version Quick Lash Lift Kit


3 to 5 Minutes Quick Lash Perm lifting Eyelashes. The Lash Lift Kit is Suitable for Professional Eyelash Technician, Salon or Personal Use.
Curling and Nutritious Eyelash.


  • Perming Lotion: 1 bottle
  • Fixing Lotion: 1 bottle
  • Coating Lotion: 1 bottle
  • Super Stick False Eyelash Glue: 1 bottle
  • 5. Silicone Lash Lift Pads: 5 pairs (S,M,M1,M2,L)
  • 2 Hands Y-shape Perming Brushes (Lash Comb): 3 pieces
  • Eyelash Cotton Swab:10 Pieces
  • Eyelash Brushes:5 Pieces
  • Eye Pads: 1 Pairs

Why Choose This Lash Lift Kit?

  • The False Transparent Glue Use Super Stick Material, Low Smell but NO Sensitive to Your Skin!
  • Quick Perm, every Lotion just need 3 to 5 Minutes, Save your time!
  • Save you so much time! After Perming, you just need to use #3 Coating to Care Your Lashes very 4 to 5 days,that keep your Lashes Lift for 10-12 weeks! If you don't use this perm kit to perm your lashes, that every day you need to use the tools let your lashes lift,that take you too much time!
  • Safe and No harm, every one can use it also the Sensitive Skin!

Directions For Use

  1. Use the Cleanser to remove dust and makeup residue.
  2. Put the eye pads on the lower eyelids.
  3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive onto the upper eyelid of one eye along the lash line. Wait 3 seconds. Apply the lift pad along the lash line. Repeat for other eye.
  4. Apply glue to the lift pads and use lash comb to lift lashes from the root onto the lift pad until all lashes are attached, then use cleaning rod apply #1 Perm Lotion. Cover with cling film, leave for 3-5 minutes (the time depends on the thickness of eyelash).
  5. Remove perm lotion with a cotton bud. Apply #2 Fix Lotion to the lashes and cover with cling film about 3-5 minutes(the time depends on the thickness of eyelash).
  6. Remove #2 Fix Lotion with a cotton bud. Use Cleanser to remove all residue. Remove the lift pad and comb the lashes.
  7. Apply #3 Lash Coating with a lash brush to Care Your Lashes about 1 to 2 Minutes!

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